Datascroller not updating

There are various ways, you can send a note in the mailing list of !

My Faces for direct contact with the developers and guidance on what to do, you can put your component into Tomahawk issue tracker.

Note, however, that bookmarking arbitrary places within JSF applications (which are usually very interactive and stateful) is not always sensible anyway.

Another disadvantage of this "optimisation" is that it is not safe to use relative links anywhere within a JSF view (eg relative path to a stylesheet or icon).

If set to true, the view will use the native scrolling available in the current platform.

This way, you can use My Faces Core as JSF implementation on every Java EE application server.

There are a number of other places where such information is available; just use the web's search engines!

You can create issues on JAVASERVERFACES-SPEC-PUBLIC to send your suggestion for the next version of JSF.

When a browser posts to page A, and gets back content for page B it will resolve any relative links in the returned page relative to the last url it knew about.

So on the first view of page B, all relative links are relative to A; if A is in a different directory then all relative links in the view definition for page B are broken.

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