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Executive produced and presented by Kim Catrall, the adult documentary explores the mysteries and origins of sexual desire.Sexuality as discussed in candid manner along with renowned experts in sexuality.One of HBO's highest-rated adult documentaries was the 2002 Cathouse and 2003 Cathouse 2: Back in the Saddle shows which featured one of Nevada's premier tourist attractions: the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, which is a legal brothel located in a sparsely populated desert community outside of Reno.This site is dedicated to bringing you up to date news about the Sex and the City 2 Movie. We will also have SATC 2 wallpapers, SATC 2 video clips and more SATC 2 info as soon as it becomes available. Michael Patrick King says, that Sex and the City is still thriving on TV, especially as alternative programming.She is an adult filmmaker and former prostitute and porn star who has since become a sex educator.Annie refers to her self as ecosexual and married in 2007 to Beth Stephens.

In this episode, HBO features Annie Sprinkle's one woman show.

The Real Sex DVDs are one of the few series that they have not put on DVD or Blu-ray, therefore, we can only provide you with resources based on the shows.

An example of sex toys that we are often asked about from the shows are the Violet Wand that uses electricity such as the one shown to the right.

In addition, a sex club in Paris, France as well as a former porn star who is now doing erotic art is shown.

British Real Sex International show that featured the UK sex and relationship expert Tracey Cox and US sex columnist Michael Alvear in a six part series.

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