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Also, features are likely the method you will want to use to apply your changes.Using a feature (that can be either hidden or visible) will ensure your web.config changes are applied if a new web server is added to the farm, or rebuilt from scratch.The Trust level is usually set to a value of “WSS_Medium” by default, but it could easily be some other value before we make our changes.The great thing is that we don’t need worry about what the current value is if ever we need to remove our modification. Share Point is designed to be very scalable and easily scalable.

For example, let’s say we wanted to change the Trust level in the web.config to “Full” from whatever it currently is.Suggestions are to use the assembly name, feature name, or feature ID.This will ensure you are able to easily and cleanly remove your modification when the need arises.We do this by removing our change, not by trying to change the value back to a predetermined value such as “WSS_Medium” – SPWeb Config Modification manages this for us. The changes you make to the web.config will need to be made to every front-end web server in the farm.SPWeb Config Modification can manage this for you very easily.

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