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I have spent all my money on trying to find ways to stop my nose from thumping, hurting and the inflammation which has caused other wealth complications.

Americans please do not go to Mexico to have plastic surgery. I cannot speak for all doctors in Mexico, but this doctor only cares about the money. When I asked Doctor Milla why he left so much space between my lip and my nose. That is strange the huge space was not there before he operated on me. He did a tummy tuck on one of my girlfriends and she said, "that he did not do a good job". Go to a specialist that specializes in what you want.

I do not fear not living, where I use to want to live as long as possible because I had such a wonderful, fullfilling, healthy life, now I fear living too long and in pain.

I know that I must tell my story to keep others from been disfigured and injured by this narcissistic social path.

Quiero hacerme lipo con doctor Milla pero me gustaria hallmarks con alguien que ya se hizo la lipo con el para que me platique como le fue mi correo es [email protected] This photo is for all fans dr milla I paid 3000 usd for that job " satisfaction guarantee" that he just laugh at this results!!! So good luck to all this girls are so proud to be in his hands!! Hector Milla's wife likes to pretend she is a client. She does not care who he disfigures or injures as long as he keeps making money.

He didn't return my money, he want to charge me 1000 to fix them.. I am sure some of these comments are from her She will use a fictitious name.

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