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Thinking of all the people who’ve swiped left on you can’t be good for your self-esteem. While some people decide to fill theirs with jokes or even flirty messages (which is often successful but let’s face it, not original in the slightest), others like to get real about their passions and their dreams to give potential daters some insight into the person they are.But unfortunately, to actually read that bio – that someone could’ve worked seriously hard on – you actually have to be attractive enough for a potential match to want to click on it and learn more about you.Cue the countless messages from guys matching with you only to offer d*ck pics and asking for sexual photos in return.Sadly, sometimes this even comes before a simply ‘hello’ or a cheesy chat-up line.Of course, those dreams were crushed in about two minutes. It is a cesspool filled with rude, crude, and desperate men.But I was intrigued by an upgrade to the app, the "moments" feature, that allows users share the minutia of their days with their matches. And just like my favorite oversharing app, Snapchat, the photos dissolve (poof! This was exciting to me because I am a chronic oversharer.

But this happens so often that people – though not all – begin to assume that maybe that’s all the app’s good for.At least you’ve got shots and a night’s worth of fun secured with the latter. It gives you a chance to be yourself with someone without worrying about them judging you there and then.And let me just say, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with online dating. You can think about what you’re saying before typing it out, a great alternative to endless word vomit on a first date. At least with Facebook if you share a connection with someone you can always find their profile to keep in touch – but if your Tinder match suddenly decides you’re not for them, you can simply be unmatched without explanation, and you may never find them on the app again.Because sexual conversation happens so much on the app that it’s expected.This may suit some people, but for those small handful of people actually searching for love, it can be pretty offputting. I mean, imagine you’ve got this idea of falling head over heels with someone and having a relationship more romantic than that in The Notebook – and then you match with 32-year-old Gary, who’d rather send you a picture of his genitals than ask what your hopes and dreams are.

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