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__An unlikely start: “__I stumbled upon jewelry design in a very roundabout way.

Today, it's the Diamond Float Rings, which are new to the line and made of three channel-set diamonds that look like they're floating between two lines of gold.

Francine, who has been friends with Arthur since preschool, is mad at him for telling everyone she looks like a marshmallow when she wears a white sweater. Ratburn assigns them to work together on a project on heroes.

With her still mad at him, they go to the library together to research their project and get locked in for the weekend.

After taking a metalsmithing class at a local arts school, I decided to take the plunge, without any training in design or a single connection to my name.

I'm sure all of my friends and family thought I was crazy. ”Design Philosophy: “I draw inspiration for my pieces from everywhere—architecture, fashion, music, art, nature, the materials that I work with, charismatic and passionate people, and, of course, my children.

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