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If they are, please quote the relevant legal definitions. 10 at the Labour Code an individual labour contract is a contract based on which a natural entity, called employee, undertakes to perform work for and under the authority of an employer, who is a natural or legal entity, in return for remuneration, called wages.Another articles from the same law established who are the parts at this contract: In art.13 are established : a natural entity shall be allowed to work after having turned 16 years of age.f) Has the use of the above modalities been recently eased?If it has been, please describe the main changes introduced in your law with such a purpose in sight, and explain what were the main reasons for such changes?101 para (1) from the Labour Code an employer can hire employees with a work schedule corresponding to a work load fraction of at least two hours a day, by means of individual labour contracts for an indefinite term or for a definite term, called part-time individual labour contracts. 103 from the Labour Code an employee employed under a part-time labour contract shall enjoy all the rights of full-time employees, under the terms stipulated by the law and the applicable collective labour contracts.The wage entitlements shall be granted proportional to the actual hours worked, in relation to the entitlements established for a normal work schedule.

It is a separate section in the same court for labour conflicts, social assurance. e) To what extent has your labour law been drafted or revised under the influence of EC law?

A natural entity can conclude individual labour contracts, as an employer, after having acquired the capacity to exercise. The employer has the obligation to conclude the individual labour contract in written form.

If the individual labour contract has not been concluded in written form, the presumption is that it has been concluded for an indefinite term, and the parties can give proof of contract provisions and work performed through any other elements of proof.

Cu ocazia summit-ului G20, Ambasada Marii Britanii si Hot lanseaza o provocare pentru cititori: propune solutii pentru criza economica.

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A legal entity can also conclude a labour contract, as an employee, after turning 15 years of age, based on his/her parents’ or legal representatives’ consent, for activities in accordance with his/her physical development, aptitudes and knowledge, unless this places under risk his/her health, development, and vocational training.

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