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But this does not explain differences in study participant behavior.

Regardless, this study creates several provocative questions about virtual interactions and confirms, at the very least, that your virtual appearance changes the way that people interact with you and furthermore, the way you interact with them.

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This is both commonsense and an empirically supported finding. In an online virtual world, people have complete control over the appearance of their avatars.

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There are apps to make you work more productively, apps to help you shed those unsightly pounds or and even apps to tell you how to get to the pub quicker.Nine participants (four females and five males) were deceived into believing they were participating in a study on how chat works in virtual environments.Using a within-subjects design, each participant was placed in a location with lots of active users and asked to strike up conversations with strangers, with a total of 205 individual attempted interactions.Several interesting findings came up: Before internalizing these findings, there are several caveats.The most problematic is this: since there were only nine participants, it is quite probable that there are some sample-specific effects going on.

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