Sophos 7 always view updating status

Note that problems with a departmental or college computer should generally be referred to your local IT Support staff.

If you are looking for information about the Flashback/Flashfake virus infection on Mac computers please see our Flashback page for removal tools and other information about protecting your machine and data.

If the username starts em47 then you are already up to date as you have the most recent credentials that expire in November 2012.

If it starts em78 then you are using the older credentials that expire at the start of November 2011 and you should download the latest package and install it.

However if Sophos is running normally you should be able to see the shield by clicking on the double up-arrow near the clock to display any hidden icons.To make sure that you keep your computer(s) up to date, you will need to download and install a new Sophos package in October each year.To determine whether Sophos installed on a computer is using the latest 2011-12 credentials or the old 2010-€“11 credentials, check the Sophos Autoupdate settings as described below to see which username it is using.If the username starts with any other letters and/or numbers, it may be using a local configuration (this is likely on college or departmental system); please check with your local IT Support staff before making any changes.You can check the username on systems running Windows, OS X and Linux as described below. Windows Open the Sophos program from the You need to download and install the latest Sophos package annually during October to make sure that it is using the latest set of credentials to download updates.

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The credentials used to update Sophos Anti-Virus automatically are valid for around 14 months and expire during November each year.

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