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Access database tutorials may give you the jump start you need.

We have created over 200 programming examples from nearly all aspects of Access database development including: VBA/visual basic examples, form samples, report coding & table design, and SQL query coding recommendations.

Customer Sales is a linked table (the source table - data came from this table).

Customer Sales_Retail is a local table (target table - contains the data I wanted to update). Sales Date Query 3: Here is another way of doing the same thing as Query 2, but here in the sub-query it uses IN rather than INNER JOIN. Sales Date To fix the problem, I had to split my original update query into two queries.

If Application Assuming it's a text field and you will need the single quotes.

See Adrian thread on this is you're still confused.

Quotes (') and Double-Quotes (") - Where and When to use them Mary Assuming Owner is a text field you will need the single quotes.

I came across this error when I was trying to update data in a local Access table by using the matching data in a linked table in Oracle.

The MS Access example topics listed to the left are the main subjects for our Access programming lessons.

Query 1: This is the most common way to do multiple table update in Access. This may be a primary key column or a column with unique index, or columns with combined uniqueness (also known as composite unique index).

update Customer Sales_Retail as a inner join ( select x. Sales Date from Customer Sales as x inner join Customer Sales_Retail as y on x. Uniqueness prohibits duplicated values in the column(s).

Our Access templates section highlights a few dozen of these databases showing a broad mixture of techniques and topics.

Update query Add the table u want to update Add the records that should be updated...

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